Books&Liquor is a street style blog that aims to capture the vibrant energy and eclectic aesthetic of Harvard Square, Harvard University, and the surrounding Boston area through its people. We photograph the students, professors, tourists, and pedestrians whose sartorial expressions color the area with a diverse flair. After all, Harvard’s unique aesthetic is defined not merely by its historic brick-and-ivy-covered architecture, but also by those interesting individuals who frequent it on a daily basis.

We hope that the photographs here collectively evoke a sense of identity and place.

Since our launch in 2010, we’ve been featured by publications such as Nylon Magazine, BostInno, Harvard Crimson, Boston Globe, and the Improper Bostonian. Our photos are also featured in an ongoing bi-weekly style series in the Huffington Post via Campus Sartorialist. See the full list of press here.



Colin wonders how shoes are like orchids because he has an unhealthy fondness for both. Emily likes jazz and can’t wear heels. The two of them somehow found themselves at Harvard College one fall day, and embarked on a journey to pin down that fickle thing called style…when they should instead have been doing homework.

Since graduation, Colin has moved back to Singapore for work, but still remains with the site in spirit. Emily, while mourning the loss of Colin’s incredible talent, still works and lives in Cambridge, so she will continue to update Books&Liquor. Grace, now a senior at Harvard, has joined, and will contribute her talented eye for style and photography.