Gilt Groupe $100 Gift Card Giveaway

Posted by Emily on Monday, April 8th, 2013
Hi all. Books&Liquor has teamed up with to give away a $100 promotional gift card. Read below for instructions on how to enter:
1. Leave a comment in this post describing your personal style in one sentence or less. You only need to provide us your first name (or a fake name).

2. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, if you haven’t already.

Deadline: Extended to Monday, May 6th at 11:59 pm. Anyone is eligible to enter. Please allow a day for your comment to show up. We’ll choose a winner at random, who we’ll contact by email, and mail them the gift card. Make sure to leave your email in the field along with your comment. Your email and personal info will absolutely NOT in any way be displayed on the site or to the public, given away, or used for spam.


  • relaxed chic

  • Trendy scholar.

  • Dishabille Chic with a penchant for striped shirts on busy school days and flowing, colorful silk combinations as summer attire.

  • Flustered athlete with 15 minutes to change into formalwear for an evening with her professors.

  • A scarfbandit.

  • if Solange Knowles was a beat poet recovering from a brief Forever21 addiction

  • High Femme with Schoolboy Tendencies <3

  • Classic and simple.

  • Classy and Lavish

  • Sunny and bright colors with a hint of floral.

  • awkward maximalist pattern mixer and undead nu-rave prostitute and painter, for special occasions I dress like a shaman from the future in coyote bones and skunk fur.

  • former punker + a sprinkling of gothiness + still learning “work appropriate” stylings + trying desperately to keep hold of her giant boots as self-aware metaphor for ephemeral youth + colorblocking

  • former punker + still learning “work appropriate” stylings + trying desperately to keep hold of her giant boots as self-aware metaphor for ephemeral youth + colorblocking

  • sleek and polished with an eye for design–but only after raiding grandpa’s closet

  • Queer biz casual

  • complementary colors in shapes that flatter a big butt

  • Chic nerd with color.

  • Extra in an off-Broadway production of West Side Story as one of Maria’s Puerto Rican girlfriends

  • dandified sunday morning rockstar

  • Urban Prep

  • Simple and casual, but scarves are a must!

  • Sexy when I have time, teenage boy when I don’t have time

  • Simple and Funky

  • My style is classic, classy and coordinated.

  • Simple, classic neutrals with a splash of sparkle and Hermes orange.

  • an edgy take on classic for flair

  • Rubbery, Cantonese, Grandma.

  • Trendy in the least pretentious form of the word.

  • Minimalist, chic, & polished.

  • Minimalist, black + white, chic, & polished.

  • Chic, classy and effortless.

  • playing with patterns, but also trying to be minimalist. it’s a weird balance….

  • I corrupt classy cool chic clothes with a kaleidoscope of kooky clashing colors.

  • I am clad in classy chic styles corrupted by curious color clashing.

  • edgy classic

  • My style is relaxed with just a bit of bite: black basics—leather jacket, patterned tights, knee-high socks, strappy boots or Doc Martens, and eyeliner—against spots of color in button-down flannels, hand-altered tank tops, and high-waisted skirts, adorned with jewelry handmade by local New Orleans artists and topped off with the signature blond-tipped mohawk.

  • city hippy

  • Urban hipster, meets sneakerhead, meets streetwear; one could say it’s the ultimate combination of style and swagger.

  • Classic and laid back

  • Where swag meets class..

  • Boyish sophisticate.

  • Tomboy sophisticate.

  • hit or miss.

  • maheya, easy and free

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