Winter Gear

Posted by Emily on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013
Sorry for that long hiatus. Working full time and attempting to operate a street style photo blog is hard, I’ve found. Especially in the wintertime, as, by the time I’m done the work day, it’s well past those well-lit hours perfect for photographing. Spring is around the corner. So here’s to getting back into the game with this blog.

I met this art school student on Newbury street. His striped socks (with pants rolled up strategically to show them off) add great contrast to punctuate his outfit.

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Style Profile: Jordan & Melike

Posted by Emily on Sunday, November 4th, 2012
You might’ve seen Jordan Piantedosi featured once before on Books&Liquor. This time, she’s back for a style profile, but with a friend of hers named Melike. Both are students who study and produce art at the Massachusetts College of Art. For links to their portfolios, click here.

You’ll see that their paintings are just as psychedelic as their awesomely over-the-top wardrobes. I hope you like these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them––these ladies brought such energy and creativity to the shoot!

“We help each other pick stuff out.”
“We like the sixties and the future!”
“We like girl rappers and anime and space. Science influences our outfits. And nature.”
If any of you are wondering––as I certainly was––Melike does indeed wear those stars on her cheeks everyday. It’s part of her daily makeup routine. Which is pretty badass in my opinion.
“Maximalism is the opposite of Minimalism! It is our style of painting that attempts to complement the new states of brain activity in combination with the internet, and all the djinns, and all the chems in the tapwater.”
Where on earth does one buy galactic purple tights with cat faces on them? These are quite possibly the coolest tights I’ve ever seen.

“We shop at thrift stores and vintage stores and forever 21 and ebay.”


On the Fringe

Posted by Emily on Friday, November 2nd, 2012
Spotted outside of Tealuxe: a Law School student from abroad donning a cool vintage style coat.
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Rainbow and Black

Posted by Emily on Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
Along the Charles River––a student from the UK currently studying at the GSD. Awesome leather jacket, and I love the hue of his pants. What might be even cooler can be seen from behind: a black backpack with rainbow zippers.
Pretty nifty. He said picked it up during his travels in Japan.

Style Profile: Bettina

Posted by Emily on Monday, October 29th, 2012
It’s Books&Liquor’s second installment of our style profile series. For today, we’ve featured Bostonian Bettina, who is also a blogger. See below to take a glimpse of some of her favorite autumn pieces, and to read some of her musings on style:

“I draw a lot of inspiration from people on the street. Bostonians tend to dress more conservatively, and I love to see a classic outfit paired with a pair of killer heels or statement bag. I’m a big believer in the Audrey Hepburn philosophy of style. You could plop her in the middle of the street today and she would still look fabulous. That is the test of quintessential timeless style.”

“In terms of people that are living, I love the way Olivia Palermo mixes high-lo pieces with texture and bold jewelry. It’s a good way to get the most mileage out of your wardrobe and wear the same pieces for years in fun new ways.”
“A lot of people look back at recent years and laugh at styles of the era, but I actually love 90’s style. The comfortable, grungy model look is just so unaffected and fabulous. It’s totally not my style or personality, but I love seeing it on others!”
“I love finding good deals on quality pieces and some of my favorite places to shop are Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx, although shopping there can be hit or miss. You have to be willing to walk out empty handed sometimes, but when you find something good, it’s really good.  Banana Republic is good for classic layering pieces, and Zara is great for trendier clothes. JCrew has nicely constructed costume jewelry.”
“When it comes to certain investment pieces like bags and shoes, I don’t mind spending a little more to get a quality item that will last for years.”

That’s all for the style profile! Thanks for reading. If you know someone who has awesome style, and would like to see them in the next style profile, give us a shout on our Facebook page here. Or, give leave us a comment in this post!


Head of the Charles

Posted by Grace on Sunday, October 28th, 2012
This girl’s flowy white blouse provides a nice contrast to the sea of olive Barbour jackets at the Head of the Charles.
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The Patterns of Autumn

Posted by Emily on Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Spotted outside of Leverett House during the Head of the Charles Regatta: Two Matherites in interesting print.

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The Striped Skirt

Posted by Emily on Saturday, October 20th, 2012
Spotted on Holyoke Street, a freshman from Puerto Rico living in the Yard. A beautiful day in Harvard Square (temperature reaching up to mid 70s) meant that she could wear her blue and white striped sheer skirt, which moved and flowed beautifully.
I also loved the skirt’s silhouette, cinched at the sides so as to lend the skirt––of such lightweight fabric––a counterintuitive bulkiness.
Cool shoes, too.


Le Collegiate Blazer

Posted by Emily on Sunday, October 14th, 2012
Spotted outside of Lamont Library in Harvard Yard: a Parisian touring Harvard with a group of friends. I liked the maroon poking out from underneath the classic navy blue collegiate blazer, with crest-on-pocket and all.

I can’t say I know much about emerging style trends in the City of Lights, but the last time I was there, I got the sense that the Ivy League aesthetic was all the rage.


Style Profile: Ali Clark

Posted by Emily on Monday, October 8th, 2012
Hi all! Here’s the first installment of a new Style Profile series that Books&Liquor will be hosting.

I’ve asked my friend Ali Clark, who graduated from Boston University last year with a degree in Art History, to pick out several of her favorite outfits, and to take photographs with me as she discusses some of her thoughts on style. Read below to see some of what she has to say.

“Oh goodness, [my style influences] really run the gamut. I suppose it depends on my mood and the season, but it can vary from movies to fashion editorials to passersby on the street.

When I was (quite) younger in elementary school, I dressed to match my American Girl dolls, Kirsten and Felicity. Times have changed as I no longer imitate the colonial and pioneer era, but I still definitely appreciate historical garb. I suppose it is the art history major in me. I love Renaissance and Elizabethan portraits for the opulence and texture but I also love photographs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s to see what folks were wearing.” 

“I used to be quite afraid of color, as I felt like my hair was color enough for me. I’m starting to wear a bit more and love wearing red, which is usually taboo for gingers. Scarves and jewelry helped me get out of my color rut by allowing me to experiment gradually with color!”
“I definitely prefer quality over quantity when it comes to clothes, so I’ll shop just about anywhere I can find a bargain. The internet is great for finding deals. I highly recommend for some unique finds sourced from other folks, for handmade and vintage goods and to compare prices across different websites!

My caffeine level has a has a great degree of impact on how I dress in the morning. Comfort is king. I always like to pick outfits in which I know I can curl up and read a book while wearing or run to catch the bus if need be.”

That’s that for this style profile. Thanks Ali for volunteering your time and awesome wardrobe for this feature on Books&Liquor.

We’ll be continuing our Style Profile series, so if you know someone in the area whose personal style & style opinions ought to be featured on Books&Liquor, let us know at Or, you can send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

And one last announcement: We’ve randomly selected a winner for our Mint Julep giveaway. Congrats to Kelly, who describes her style as “comfortable and colorful… and almost like I fell out of the gap but happened upon some great accessories from local shops and artists.” We’ll be contacting you shortly via email! Hope you purchase something awesome with your gift card.

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