Posted by Emily on Sunday, August 19th, 2012
People tend to be reluctant to wear bright colors. Walking through Boston, I too often see conservative shades of grays, whites, neutrals, and pastels.  But why be afraid? Bright colors can light up an entire room.  They pair well with smiles and sunshiny days. And to an extent, bright colors can even help lift the wearer’s own mood!

I love how this Bostonian’s outfit attests to the power of bright colors. Simple, minimal accessories, no fancy silhouettes. She lets the intensity of the hues speak for itself.

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Posted by Emily on Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
Spotted  in the Square: a BU student with an adorable smile and curly hair. Everything about his outfit was so breezy and relaxed — from the frayed and cuffed hem of his jean shorts, to the slouchiness of his shirt’s fabric——I love the way the cloth so casually falls on his arms and over his belt. And notice how his shirt so interestingly harmonizes both vertical and horizontal stripes!
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Print and colorblock

Posted by Emily on Sunday, August 12th, 2012
In Harvard Yard, a young Russian here for the summer at the Harvard Summer School. I liked the idea of a large block of color competing with wild prints and tousled hair.
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Posted by Emily on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012
Spotted: Rebecca Elliot, a comparative literature concentrator at Harvard, with a focus in Latin American literature. She’s a New Yorker who loves sifting through items at flea markets and street fairs.
“I make a lot of my own jewelry. In fact, I made this ring that I’m wearing that looks a bit like a skyline / cityscape.”
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Posted by Emily on Sunday, August 5th, 2012
At the Sowa market – a boho chic Bostonian, Bianca. Black maxi dress, rust silk vest, and flat brim hat. I loved the flowing fabrics, simplicity, and overall comfort of the outfit. That, and the tiny bits of turquoise interspersed throughout.

“Besides school and working at a pharmacy in Cambridge, I try and find time to channel my creative energy by drawing.  SOWA and the Boston Public Library have been huge players in my inspiration.”

“Just recently, checked out a few Janis Joplin albums. I can definitely say Joplin has been an inspiration to both my art and my style as of lately.  But truly, I would say my style is quite versatile, but I always rock a lot of arm bling.”
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Feathers and First Fridays

Posted by Emily on Saturday, August 4th, 2012
The Institute of Contemporary Art holds an open event every first Friday of the month for the summer, where the outside back deck overlooking the harbor turns into a dance floor with food, drinks, and a live DJ. Inside, there are performances and gallery talks. A definite must for your summer bucket list. There’s only one left scheduled for the summer, and these get entirely sold out, so make sure you buy your tickets beforehand!

I’ve found that a lot of the guests themselves are works of art——dressed up in all sorts of festive attire.

These feathers make for a brilliant silhouette against the sunset.
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Harvard Abroad: Greetings from Oxford!

Posted by Grace on Friday, August 3rd, 2012
Hello from Oxford, UK – land of Harry Potter, Kate Middleton, and currently, Olympics mania (oh, and someone told me there’s a university here too, who knew?). My name is Grace Sun, and I’m the newest photographer for Books&Liquor! Currently in Oxford doing a creative writing program although I’m excited to be back in Harvard Square come fall for my senior year.

I spent the beginning half of the summer doing a photography internship in New York City and stumbled upon this woman competing in the retro bathing suit competition at the Governor’s Island Jazz Age Party. The event is essentially a 1920’s dress-up extravaganza, and it’s being held again on August 18th & 19th if you happen to be in the area.

The handsome gentleman in the back of this photo? None other than Bill Cunningham, fashion photographer for The New York Times

Looking sharp in white-on-white, this couple was one of my lawn party favorites. Check out the incredible detail on her sunglasses and lace dress.
Those feathers! That bowtie!
This woman’s megawatt smile is definitely her best accessory, but her red-white-and-blue ensemble comes in a close second.
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Shades of Gray

Posted by Emily on Tuesday, July 31st, 2012
Spotted in Harvard Yard, outside of Weld: frolicking on some Faust furniture in her whimsical monochrome gray pant-dress: Government concentrator Maria Shen, who just returned, all glowing and smiles, from a semester abroad in Spain.

I often see these one-piece jumpers hanging about in numbers on the sales racks of trendy clothing stores, as few are daring enough to try this look. I think Maria pulls it off perfectly, keeping it simple, letting the silhouette speak for itself.

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Old As Adam

Posted by Emily on Monday, July 30th, 2012
I was perusing the many rows of patinated tins and old daguerrotypes at the Sowa Market, when I came across this charming and eccentric young antiques dealer, named Adam Irish, who’s been in the trade since the age of six. With his tortoise shell circle-framed glasses and straw hat, he could’ve fit right in on the set for a filming of a Mad Men episode.
He certainly sells some interesting vintage items. Check out his site here, or visit his Etsy shop. Or visit him next Sunday at the Sowa Market, where he’ll be hosting a stand inside. He’s friendly——chat him up, and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about 1950s menswear.
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Blue on Green

Posted by Emily on Sunday, July 29th, 2012
Outside of Bobby From Boston, a Bostonian donning brilliant blues and aquamarines hues. These colors are matched perfectly in her paisley head scarf. It was no surprise to me when she told me that she worked at a fabric shop, and taught sewing lessons.
Note the incredible thimble necklace: a charming little detail that pays homage to her field of expertise!
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