Posted by Colin + Emily on Sunday, April 25th, 2010
Who says you need to wear tight clothes to be sexy?


  • Very cool…I love baggy pants : )

  • haha there’s lots of anonymouses

  • I like the jacket, not so sure about the pants. It’s a good idea though, and I think, if nothing else, can be perfected.

  • Pants are my favorite part. Looks roomy and comfortable, yet awesommmmme

  • Hmm looks like there is room for two in those pants

  • It’d be neat to see what the pants look like when she’s not stretching them out. Drape can do many things. In response to the first comment, while her attractiveness is debatable (each to his own) she doesn’t look fat, the baggy clothes clearly show she isn’t that size by their bagginess. Clothes can be too tight. Better baggy pants than too tight hip-huggers that create the dreaded hip-handle-spillage and/or plumber’s crack. Ewww!

  • Yo anonymous–I think what this is about is pushing your common sense and getting out of the usual boxes we think in. I also, really, really, don’t think it is OK to talk about people’s bodies like that on here… The pants are kind of humorous, whatever, but whoever she is has a great smile and it is a very becoming photograph of someone who looks happy, interesting and attractive. Think about how she has her photograph on here for everyone to see, whereas you can walk away from whatever you say because you have put nothing of yourself, not even a name, for others to see.

  • Amen.

  • Errrr… get over it people. Stop making clothes such an issue; if people want to enjoy them in their own way, then let them do it. I don’t see why any of you here have any right to judge what is or isn’t beautiful. And if people consent to being featured on here, they should be ready for insensitive and judgmental comments. After all, you’re playing with bodies and clothes – both highly and vulnerably subjected to mainstream conformity.

  • You people are idiots. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Have you ever opened your minds and considered that clothes are not merely for making yourself “look sexy,” but could be an artistic expression of who you are?

    This outfit is one of the most artistic and beautiful pieces I’ve seen on this entire site. Great job on the colors and fabric.

  • Common sense says you need tight clothes to be sexy. Girl looks fat and unattractive.

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