Depth Perception

Posted by Emily on Sunday, February 3rd, 2013
I promise the handbag was not simply a cartoon I superimposed onto this picture.

New Yorker Sueann, who was in Boston for the weekend, was toting around this high contrast, fruit-colored purse that surely would make anyone look twice. Though a fully functional bag, it seemed, from afar, like a two-dimensional flat image from a comic book. You can get one here.

Phew. I thought I was living in a cartoon reality for a second there.

And of course, a 70’s-does-Gatsy themed shirt.

Also––notice that crosstie. That piece of black cloth underneath her collar. I thought they’ve been largely phased out. But it looks like Sueann’s bringing them back (going to buy myself a pair on Etsy right NOW).

Very stylish. It’s no wonder that she’s been featured once before on the fashion pages of the Wall Street Journal.

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