Posted by Emily on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012
Phew! Back from abroad, and now settling in here in Cambridge. Though, even in my jet-lagged delirium, it was hard to miss this neon-attired artist, Jordan Piantedosi, who was walking through The Pit (the brick area around the subway station entrance) with her artwork held under one arm.
Crazy sunglasses. She had a bit of a kooky Lady Gaga-esque absurdity about her that I really appreciated.
And I believe she said that this painting was a self-portrait of herself as a noble knight.


  • It’s almost too good to be true! The outfit is a true work of art not to mention that fantastic painting.

  • I realize I am supposed to be admiring her outfit, which IS killer, but I am more in love with her hair color. I want THAT. I am so taking this photo to the salon with me.

  • That’s Romantic! She’s the warped genius behind the beautiful art-comic Perfect Stars (

  • That’s me! Mostly I paint now though, it was hard to make any cash money with comics. I’m stoked to be selling alot of paintings on facebook though. Yay social media! I love the future. Thanks for snapping me! That was the best day evar.

  • Thanks for posing for us Jordan! You are so awesome in front of the camera!!! Hope this provides some good publicity for your artwork.

    • Emily, this blog is fab! Hope you keep it up. Harvard Square is a great place. Love this piece on Jordan. She also did the sandwich board in front of OONA’s. Hope you stop by there and click some photos – the folks in there are pretty interesting too!

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